The Sigillum Dei Aemaeth

The Sigillum Dei Aemaeth as named by Dr John Dee, or “Sigillum Dei” (Seal of God) was a Talisman created in the middle ages that was purported to aid the user in communication with angels. The seal featured a seven pointed star in a circle with a pentagram in the middle.

The study of this talisman by Dr. John Dee, a well respected 16th Century scholar, aided him and Sir Edward Kelley (a more well known and perhaps a clever charlatan) in receiving the language of the angels: “Enochian”.

This legend was of great interest to the turn of the century occultist Aleister Crowley.  His belief system revolved around the goal of contact with one’s “Holy Guardian Angel” (The true self) so naturally an angelic language as well as the receiving of knowledge from higher sources attracted him.

“Babalon” means wicked or harlot as translated from Enochian.  Crowley took this archetype and applied it to his own system finding a parallel in the Book of Revelation.  He gave the name Babalon to the whore riding the Beast of the Apocalypse and deemed it as an office that could be held by a living women.  This Scarlet Woman represented a source of inspiration, strength and knowledge.    

sealofbabalon.pngThe Seal of Babalon was then created and used by Crowley as the sigil of the Argentium Astrum (Order of the Silver Star) and this version of the heptagram is the source for the logo.


 I’ve interwoven the lines as well to tie it to the idea of the Unicursal Hexagram and that it is made from one continuous line. As above, so below.